Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tim Tebow reportedly was 'sought out' by QB coach

Poor Tim Tebow. Even when some guys tries to campaign on his behalf, it turns bad for the would-be quarterback.
Last we heard, Jets quarterback coach Steve Clarkson frantically was backpedaling from comments he made about how Tebow was "sabotaged" and deserved a chance to be a starting quarterback.
Clarkson's boisterous pro-Tebow comments came after he supposedly worked out with the quarterback for three days. It turns out the relationship between the freelance coach and Tebow isn't exactly what it seemed.
ESPNNew's Rich Cimini reported Thursday, citing a source, that Clarkson "sought out" and "begged" Tebow to work out with him. The training also only lasted a day and a half, not three days.
Tebow is one of the most polarizing and popular figures in sports today. This was simply another case of someone using a ride on the Tebow train to gain publicity.
Tebow's skills and on-field-play, or lack thereof, have made him a part-time NFL backup -- for now. Clarkson and people like him are a completely separate reason that NFL teams will avoid bringing Tebow onto their roster when he inevitably is cut by the JETS.
For better or worse, Tebow's persona is what makes him popular enough for honors like being named a "Great Floridian." That popularity might also help keep him off an NFL roster this fall.

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