Sunday, January 3, 2016

20 Years of Panthers Jerseys

These are the jerseys currently used by the Carolina Panthers, football NFL team the city of Charlotte in North Carolina. Founded in 1995 as franchise expansion, the club was named the Panthers due to the desire of its creator, Jerry Richardson. The team does not yet have a Super Bowl but already has an NFC Championship 2004 appearing in the Super Bowl 2004 losing to the New England Patriots. The shirts were made by Nike and in my view are simple and beautiful. The Home is white with black stripes on the collar and sleeves in black and blue. The Away is black with blue collar and sleeves with stripes in gray and blue. The Third is blue with black collar and sleeves with gray and black stripes. Detail to the patch in repesentando shirt the 20 seasons of the franchise. Among the collar there is the writing "KEEP pouding" motto of the team, "KEEP HITTING". The number 1 represented on jerseys are quarterback Cam Newton, one of the favorites for the MVP trophy of the regular season in 2015/2016 the team is a favorite to Super Bowl 50 with the moment a 14-1 campaign. Good Luck Panthers!

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