Monday, February 22, 2016

2014 / 2015 England Jerseys

The England squad competed in the World 14 of FIFA and again disappoint their fans. World Champion in 1966 playing at home, from Italy in 1990 does not make a worthy campaign at least reaching the semifinals. Its main highlights blend with a makeover for the following years. Wayne Rooney, Manchester United striker and Steven Gerrard, midfielder Liverpool command this transition phase. His World Pro classification was obtained by winning Group H beating Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Moldova and San Marino. The shirts were made by Nike after a long period wearing Umbro, is the second season that the American supplier wearing Inglês Team. The Home is white base with a white V collar and soft risks are present all pro shirt. The Away is basic red also with a crewneck and soft red risks are also present forming a cross on the front of the piece. Detail inside the collar with a triangle forming inside the national flag, in Home in white and gray, in Away in red light and dark shades. As Umbro is lacking who got used to seeing beautiful shirts made by the British, it is a bit complicated to see something that is missing parts like the American supplier has been doing. In the World Cup, losing to Italy and Uruguay made the team played against Costa Rica already classified, a table of compliance set for their elimination was already enshrined, let's see what the English will further ahead.