Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lille Olympique Sporting Club 2015 / 2016 Jerseys

These are the shirts Lille OSC Lille city; Founded in 1944 after the merger of SC Fives and Olympique Lillois clubs. The shirts were made by Nike in global templates of the brand and in my view were spectacular with the French club. The Home is wine with the sleeve, the shoulders and the top in darker than the front of the piece. black details present in the double sides and handles at the top. The Away is the same template with white on the front, gray on the sleeves, shoulders, sides there is the presence of yellow, yellow and black present in the top of the collar and double cuffs. The Third Away is the last season, it is yellow with cuffs and collar in black top. The team currently occupies the 11th place with 24 points in 19 rounds and fight for a better future, something that happened in past seasons.