I couldn’t wait for 2018 baseball postseason; everyone was talking about it and I really wanted to try my best to keep up with the “fantastic fans” for my favorite team. It’s been a tough season I thought, so this was going to be my time to shine.

Every fan makes such a big deal out for the postseason. Maybe even more online than offline. I am not one of those fans that needs 200 likes on a baseball jersey photo to feel worthy; truth be told there’s only a few people I’d really like to impress and I’m #1..

So while other fans were spending $ 301.99 on authentic flex base jersey, a hundred bucks on a series of baseball outfits, thousands of dollars on custom made jerseys, and ramping up their #followback # likeforlike Instagram social standing –I had a $300 budget for the whole entire event.

Even at $300 I was “ballin’”, as they say. Some fans I know only had $100 and were making up excuses not to even try.

I knew this would be a fun time with or without a giant lofty budget, so I convinced my friends we should try to make it work.

The hottest baseball jerseys for 2017 can technically come from Flex Base uniform system which reduces overall jersey weight and enhances mobility. For us, the opportunities are absolutely endless. That also means it’s a lot easier to find cheap baseball jerseys on a tighter budget..

So with that in mind, we shopped around. A lot.

My friend and I shopped mostly online because it’s a hella’ lot easier to shop based on price. We tried to shop in-store at a couple chain store mall shops but it was traumatizing; everything we liked, it was over $300. In the end, Alice and I got a really nice deal; I paid $60, and she paid $50. We both looked great, we both were the only ones wearing custom made baseball jersey.