When LeBron James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he wore jersey number 23.

One of the questions with LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers was what number he would be wearing. Today he was signed with the team where he immediately chose the number 23.

All along 23 was the most likely number for him considering that’s what he wore in Cleveland. Despite the Lakers having a player in Gary Payton II who has been wearing number 23 throughout his career, that number will be going to recently-signed LeBron James, often considered the best basketball player in the world and regarded by many as the greatest of all time, who announced Payton II agreed to let LeBron keep his jersey number as he moves from the Cleveland Cavaliers to Los Angeles Lakers.

It wasn’t a given though.

There were a few numbers in play here. He wore number 23 at St. Mary Fighting Irish High School . He wore number 6 at Miami. He wore number 23 for the Cavaliers his whole Cleveland career.