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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

We are offering a safe shipping to the most of the countries our customers are based. We want you to get your sports jerseys order delivered in just a matter of days and of course for your jersey to be in a pristine condition when it’s arrives with you. If there any problems due to the parcel being lost or held in your country custom we would reship at once at no extra charge to you.

There are two shipping options available to choose.
1,Free Shipping , takes about 10-28 days
2,DHL - $10, takes about 4-8 days

Shipping Procedure

1. After you place you will receive an order confirmation mail, then we will arrange the shipment for you within 24 hours;
2. Then you will receive an email containing your shipment tracking order;
3. The tracking number allows you to follow your package and find out approximately when you will receive your order;.
How do I find items size fit me?
You can find Size Chart here.
Returns & Replacements
If the product's quality is no problem, we can't to accept you return it.If there's few problems of goods (for example, the stain or the line did not cut off clearly), we hope you can wash it or clean it,then we will give you appropriate compensation. If the size is small for you , or when you received your jersey, you found you don't like it and so on, these problems we don't accept .So hope you can understand us..
How to register?
Step 1:
First,please click “Register” which displays on the top of the website to register
Step 2:
Then,please finish the required information,such as: your name, e-mail address, password,etc.
That will be really thankful if you can finish the “optional” information that we can communicate with you more convenient
Step 3:
Finally, you can login in with your account to check all the information about your account.

We make payment easier through a variety of different payment methods. Below is an introduction to the payment methods we offer. You can decide how you want to pay for your orders.
What should I do if payment failed?
Take note, you need to use a credit card to pay, not a debit card or a prepaid card.
Payment Failed Notice:
    “Do not Honor”: Your credit card bank refuse the payment, sometimes this happens when attempting international transaction online, call your bank or change another credit card that was used to pay an international online payment previously.
    “Not sufficient funds”:Please make sure you have enough money on the card, sometimes your credit card bank may charge a fee for currency exchange.
    “Restricted Card”: You need to call your credit card bank, or change another credit card to pay.
    “Failed”:Failed too many times, try to pay again after 24 hours. Or change another credit card.
    “Invalid Card Number”: Please check if the card number is correct.
    “Transaction not allowed for card”: Please contact your credit card bank, or change another credit card used pay international online before.
    “Exceeds withdrawal amount limited”: Please call your credit card bank.
    “Lost Card”:Please call your credit card bank, or change another credit card used pay international online before.
    “Invalid Message”: Please check if the name, contact info, billing address are correct.
    “Expired card”: Please check the credit card expired date
Why do you charge my card more than your product price?
We only receive the product price. The extra money may be charged by the blank as the blank fee. Hope you can understand..